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Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
John Bennett said the following on 12/07/2011 07:17 AM:
Yeah, sorry, could have explained it better...
We were trying to get support from 'someone' to "design" the initial
system for us. Although I have quite a bit of experience with Linux,
have very little (to none...) as far as setting up a "system" for a
small to medium size business. This was the sort of support (ie
including buying hardware and all relevant software) that we were after.
Managed to get.... none!

There's a subtext of "get it right the first time" and "optimise it"
in this, something that engineers are prone to.

In reality, this is all 'silly-putty' anyway and you can re-work it if
you don't make constraining decisions.

There are a fantastic number of books (e.g. from Cisco) and articles on
the 'Net (idib) on network layout. There are a fantastic number of
books and articles (think any MBA course related material) on "Business
Needs Analysis", which is going to be more important than the input of
the network geeks.

A Switch, a bunch of machines, Linux. Lots of flexibility there.

"To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem".
-- Carl Jung.
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