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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] equivalent to boot.local for systemd
On 07/12/11 00:33, James Knott wrote:
Andreas Jaeger wrote:
So far putting these into boot.local works fine, but my reading of
> boot.local's use suggests it might be executed at most any point in
> the boot process, and after.local's used to be executed after the run
> level was reached.
You can create separate service for these, there shouldn't be a

So, what is the proper replacement for things that must be started after
the system is up & running? On my firewall, I use after.local to start a
6in4 tunnel after booting, as it requires the network to be up first.

Description=My 6to4 tunnel



Aint that cute ? ;-)

There are other things that I have used after.local for, to ensure
something started in a stable system.

we want to know what things are needed and the system is not doing properly by default.

Does the crontab @reboot still

Yeah, but it follows cron daemon bootup order.

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