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Re: [opensuse] Traffic signs
Anders Johansson wrote:
On Monday 05 December 2011 16:04:23 Anton Aylward wrote:
Red Circle as warning: white bar on red or red bar on white
No entry (entry barred)

This is what it looks like in Sweden.

It means motor traffic prohibited, and you see it if you try to drive onto a
motorway in the wrong direction, for example (I don't think it means 'no
entry' in general, because when you see it in a city if you try to go the
wrong way down a one-way street, it's typically still allowed to do so by
bicycle or walking, the only prohibition I think is for motorized vehicles -
motorways excepted naturally)

I guess there's a difference between Sweden and the UK then (apart from
the colour of the bar) because in the UK it does mean no entry to any
vehicle, including cycles. There's also an implication that there can be
oncoming traffic. It doesn't mean 'traffic prohibited' (i.e. there's no
traffic at all on the road) that's just a white circle with a red
border. If cycle contraflow is permitted, there must be a specific sign
allowing it. Walking is always allowed on a highway, except on
motorways; that's a fundamental right.

Anton Aylward wrote:
A sign may show a bicycle. The red circle and bar - negative - means
"no bicycles". The Blue circle - positive - means "this is a bicycle
path". One says "don't" the other says "do".

Pedantic point - there's no bar to mean negative. See the pedal cycle
prohibition in
The list of everything is at

In many ways this is like *NIX. A few basic principles applied over
and over.

But just like *NIX, there are different flavours with small differences.

Cheers, Dave
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