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Re: [opensuse] How to partitioning in unallocated disk space
Quoting LinuxIsOne <linuxisone@xxxxxxxxx>
On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 6:30 AM, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
I'm frustrated that LVM is *not* default default.  There is no reason it
shouldn't be, it would avoid a lot of monkey-labor that using crappy old
'partitioning' causes.
I would definitely try to understand this LVM, if it is really that
much good. If it is really that much good, why didn't suse people put
it in default might be because of something I don't understand at this
level.... There must be some technial reason...

No, there is no technical reason.

See <> for a
walk-through of LVM [and other storagy things].

I have no idea about it, might be, I would see but when once I
installed Ubuntu (recently) I didn't see at any stage: LVM in the
default installation.

I said "every other OS". Ubuntu is not a different OS; it is LINUX,

I mean *Windows*, HP/UX, AIX, ....

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