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Re: [opensuse] How to partitioning in unallocated disk space
Adam Tauno Williams said the following on 12/05/2011 06:30 AM:

I see "partitioning in unallocated" and think "Ugh, they didn't use LVM"
and I move on.


I'm frustrated that LVM is *not* default default. There is no reason it
shouldn't be, it would avoid a lot of monkey-labor that using crappy old
'partitioning' causes. EVERY OTHER OS USES LVM BY DEFAULT!


Once you've moved a file-system, effortlessly, from one disk [physical
volume] to another, replaced the disk, and moved your data back
again.... Yep, you get a very superior attitude towards those that don't
use LVM. And you are entirely justified.

+1 smug :-)

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