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Re: [opensuse] How to partitioning in unallocated disk space
On 12/3/2011 9:00 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2011/12/03 11:08 (GMT-0500) Anton Aylward composed:

But my experience with beginners is that they don't know enough to know
what they want and their uncertainty about committing to a fixed disk
partitioning is one thing that seems to bother them.

Another thing seems to bother them is waiting for requested help. I purposely
delayed my response to the OP to see what anyone else might
have to say first. After a 12 hour wait I proceeded, as apparently no one
else saw fit to respond.

Well, if you have nothing depending on a new install, blowing it away and
restarting is
not that bad, especially when installs go very quickly. Having done it the
first time, the second time is easier.

Expecting 24/7 instant response is unreasonable. This is an English list, and
most of Europe does not
bother reading it, so when North America is sleeping and the Aussies are going
to bed you end up waiting 12 hours.
Its not a big deal.

I had to expand a virtual machine's hard drive (easy enough) and expand the
partitions (a bit harder) just

Two Minutes on Google found me a tutorial on Modify Your Partitions With
GParted Without Losing Data
located at

Booting from Knoppix or Gparted LiveCD had this finished in minutes. Absolutely
(I already had backups, since it was a virtual machine I was expanding, and I
back them up routinely).

LVM woud have allowed the same capability.

Still there are things about LVM that I don't like.
1) it leaves your partitioning mistakes in place, and papers over them with yet
another layer
2) It opens you to files and directories being split across physical partitions
where you may
lose a part of them rendering the whole unusable depending on how your
files are arranged
3) People with multiple drives end up using LVM like raid 0, - see 2 above

(I've been bitten by #3 in the past. Someone decided to grow the file system
to multiple
small disks using LVM, one fails, and the entire logical volume is toast
because associated
files were scattered.

In the end, repartitioning is probably best for the Noob, it gives them
experience, and
education, and gives them time to learn to use LVM the right way.

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