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Re: [opensuse] How to partitioning in unallocated disk space
On 2011/12/03 11:08 (GMT-0500) Anton Aylward composed:

But my experience with beginners is that they don't know enough to know
what they want and their uncertainty about committing to a fixed disk
partitioning is one thing that seems to bother them.

Another thing seems to bother them is waiting for requested help. I purposely delayed my response to the OP to see what anyone else might have to say first. After a 12 hour wait I proceeded, as apparently no one else saw fit to respond. It turned out that was too long, as the OP in the mean time blew away his original hope and did a wipe and default install.

My experience with such threads is help from LVM users is similar, meaning when list help is requested for LVM issues, far less is available than for those with conventional partitioning issues and questions. To be sure, LVM solves some problems that should lead to less frequency of need for help with it, but for a thread like this involving a n00b who has no apparent LVM exposure, those competent and willing to provide the exposure seem to be in short supply.
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