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Re: [opensuse] opensuse 12.1 - problems with segfault X (on opensuse 11.4 di it too)
thanks for answer.
Syslog contains no important messages, only info about termination

Nov 23 10:49:15 pc4900 kdm[2710]: X server for display :0 terminated

I'm attend to try gnome or another desktop manager.
New info. When X'es crashed, I've running openview NNM over "ssh -X"
tunnel. Crash was a matter of a few minutes, first crash was caused by
running "Krusader", second running "Yast2" ...

I'll let you know.
Does it exists some stress test for linux/X'es/ ... ?
Thanks and best regards

karl-heinz_tm píše v St 23. 11. 2011 v 19:52 +0100:
Am 23.11.2011 11:04, schrieb Karliak Josef:
I tried opensuse 12.1 on HP 8200elite (i5 CPU, 4GB ram), I had
with crashing X'es or freezing computer on opensuse 11.4. The problem
persist on opensuse 12.1. There are 3 coputers, the same configuration
except i3 CPU on one of them. Firmware didn't solved problem, memtest is
OK. We tried integrated graphic card and add-on Nvidia in PCIexpress.
Installation of opensuse 12.1 is fresh, one day old, system is
I'm out of an ideas. Any tips ? X logs are attached...
Thanks and best regards
From my reading/knowledge, the Xorg logs don't provide any information
pertaining to your problems.
What about the syslog?

Assuming some weird HW problem on 3 different PCs does not sound reasonable.

Maybe it's worthwhile to try out another live distro (e.g. Ubuntu), and
see if that also gives you these problems.
You might not use Kubuntu as maybe KDE is part of the problem in a sense
that KDM doesn't play well with your
HW / the video driver.


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