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Re: [opensuse] Bizarre sound issue with Creative Labs SB0400 Audigy2 Value using IEC958 Digital Stereo
On 24/11/11 12:18, Roger Luedecke wrote:
It was working perfectly, better than in 11.4 which was still glitchy and
suddenly its acting worse than before. I made a forum post, but am out of
ideas for finding out how to debug it. The link will show you what the issue
is and what I have done so far.

In 11.4 you could get rid of pulseaudio but in 12.1 you can either not install it when installing 12.1 or you can delete it in YaST. But even if doing either you ought to go into YaST>Sound and unselect Pulseaudio in the Other options (bottom right-hand) - at leas this is what *I* do.


I think what you should do is to get rid of pulseaudio and install alsamixer and the gui for it. Then have some running which uses the sound card and run 'alsamixergui' and play around with the sliders/muting until you find out which of the settings is doing the wrong thing. For example, I was getting some terrible din from my Audigy because for some reason the IEEE-something channel was active.

BTW, if you cannot run the graphic UI for alsa you could run 'alsamixer' in a terminal.


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