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Re: [opensuse] should i use kmail or thunderbird?
David C. Rankin said the following on 11/23/2011 02:20 PM:
If there is any chance you will use windows again, use Thunderbird, you can
easily transfer your mail setup from Linux -> Win -> Linux with mozilla. You
do it in a round-about way with kmail, but with the current state of flux in
kmail development, it would be wise to stick with mozilla for now.

I made the decision a while ago to have a machine acting as a mail
gateway/hub 'at home', much the way that corporation have a Microsoft
Exchange server handling the mail for a department or site.

And yes, David, I can run other collaborative tools on it :-)

That hub has a Dovecot server that handles email. All email stays on
the server and I read it via IMAP. At home I read it via IMAP on the
home LAN; outside I read it via an encrypted version of IMAP using TLS
etc etc etc.

As such it really doesn't matter what mail reader I use or what machine
I use it from.

My complaint with Mail is that nepomuk indexes the mail if I use Kmail.
WHY?!? Dovecot has already indexed it! I can tell Dovecot to search.

So I disable nepomuk.

The thing about Thunderbird is that if you want something fancy its
available as a plugin. Many of the plugins are useful and would be
useful for Kmail. Of course if you don't want them you don't install
them :-) Sadly the code to use nepomuk is not a plugin and you are
stuck with it. If you install Kmail you have to install nepomuk even if
you won't use it.

If I was a programmer I'd set up a OBS of KDE4-without-nepomuk.

The be fair, that not the only thing that should be done with a plugin
but isn't. The settings in /etc/nsswitch determine things like
UID->name mapping. There is a library call for this: getpwent().
See 'man nsswitch.conf'
Now why is this no implemented as a plugin?
Why must getpwent() and its relatives have all the various nsswitch
options HARD CODED in? As a result you HAVE to load all the LDAP and
NIS even if you don't use them

Ironically the man age for nsswitch says:

"With Solaris, it isn't possible to link programs using the NSS
Service statically. With Linux, this is no problem."

Yes, its not statically compiled, but it is statically bound.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is
to discover them.
-- Galileo Galilei.
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