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Re: [opensuse] should i use kmail or thunderbird?
(CCing ATW for some gnome info, see below)
On Wednesday 23 November 2011 10:24:32 PM wrote:
On Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 10:13 AM, Adam Tauno Williams

<awilliam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You can do that in Evolution too; for either mbox or maildir.
addition to having excellent IMAP support including IDLE

I searched in YaST -> Online Update -> Evolution (as search
query) and
it says that 'evolution - The Integrated GNOME Mail, Calendar,
Address Book Suite', but as I am using KDE in 12.1 opensuse, I
guess I
should go with Thunderbird, since (as just a guess......) that
Evolution could be better integrated with Gnome as the YaST

You should be able to use Evolution just fine under KDE if that's
your cup of tea. We've added GTK theming packages to make GNOME
apps look like native KDE.

The old arguments that you should stick to one desktop or software
toolkit's 'stack' to save memory have in practice gone out of the
window on anything bigger than a cheap netbook, and nowadays most
people run Firefox or Chrome/ium as a browser as well as
LibreOffice which each pull in a metric shedload of custom widgets
and runtime stuff anyway, dispelling the illusion of a pure stack
of one sort or another.

The one heavy thing which you may not need with Evo on KDE which I
expect Evo to pull in is Tracker, but I'm sure Adam can tell you
whether Evo depends upon Tracker nowaways.

If you are *not* going to use KMail/KAddressbook/KOrganizer you
should take time to shut down their middleware for good. It isn't
started by default but you might add an applet or something that
would start it and then it is just overhead and more elegant to put
it to bed.

To do this, edit (or create) ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc
and add/edit it so these lines are present.




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