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Re: [opensuse] should i use kmail or thunderbird?
On 11/23/2011 10:26 AM, Bob Williams wrote:
On 23/11/11 15:14, Wolfgang Rosenauer wrote:
Am 23.11.2011 16:10, schrieb James Knott:
C wrote:
If your mail provider uses "standard" POP3/IMAP configurations, it can
sort out/detect for you. It does a good job as long as things are
"predictable". It needs a little manual nudging if for example your
user name is different than your email name... or your ISP uses
non-standard ports, server names etc.

One thing I don't like about thunderbird, is it won't let you create an
email account on the local computer. In Seamonkey, I can set up a Unix
Mailspool account, to receive system mail. I don't seem to be able to
in Thunderbird.
You still can AFAICS.
Use "Other account" instead of "Mail account" and you should find Unix
Mailspool as an option.

Yes, I have a localhost account running in Tbird 8 here, where I receive
all the system mail.

I use Thunderbird on the daily bases and I find it far superior to Kmail in many respects... But as someone once told me: "if it comes shipped by default, let's try making it better?" My 2 c

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