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Re: [opensuse] A comment
On Mon, 2011-11-21 at 01:41 -0800, Bruce Ferrell wrote:
I usually wait a while before installing a new release, I usually wait
a bit to let things die down some gaining the benefit of the first
waves experience. This time, I'm in the
first wave and it's no fun.

Same here; I usually wait, but there are numerous things in 12.1 I
really wanted - so I jumped right in. Upgrading on my laptop went
completely sideways. This was due I think to my nVidia video are and
that I was using the GNOME 3.0 repos for 11.4 previously.

But once I did a re-install [not that painful since my /home is a
separate volume] everything has worked extremely well: wireless,
multiple displays, etc... And I'm no longer using the proprietary
nVidia drivers, everything seems to be working with the Open nouveau
driver - which is *SWEET*.

What I've noted is a tendency to short, less informative answers, a
tendency to react defensively, deny or debate reports of difficulties
and just a general level of snarkiness.

I perceive this as well, but not just here. I've been a UNIX sys-admin
for ~20 years and a LINUX user since kernel 0.99a. In general
assitance in most forums has declined and snarkiness is up. But this is
one of the better forums - if you want to see real unfriendliness try
out the Postfix list.

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