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Re: [opensuse] thunderbird junk mail status
On 17/11/11 05:05, Duaine Hechler wrote:
On 11/16/2011 06:18 AM, Basil Chupin wrote:
On 16/11/11 21:05, lynn wrote:
On Wednesday 16 Nov 2011 09:55:27 Basil Chupin wrote:
On 16/11/11 17:06, lynn wrote:
Hi everyone

As of today, everything from this list is classed as junk. It seems to
be mail from mailing lists 'coz mail from another list I'm on is also
junk according to tb. How can I tell tb that it's not?
L x
You need to 'TRAIN' Thunderbird as to what you consider to be "junk" -
it doesn't recognise "junk" until you tell it that it is junk.

Check your settings and see if somehow you have set all mail to be
"junk"; and see if you have set-up some filter to sent this mail into
the junk folder. Also you may want to clear the database where the
"consider this mail to be junk" is stored so that you can start from
scratch to train TB to recognise "junk" (this setting is in the
Edit/Preferences/Security/Junk tab).

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I trained it yesterday but it didn't stick. I've
now done the clear trick you mention and 'retrained' it today. So far OK.
Thanks L x


Glad to hear that it is now doing what it is supposed to be doing.

BTW, when you say "junk" do you really mean junk as in spam etc? If so then have you checked your mail settings at your ISP's end? Most ISPs have a filter now which you control re what you consider to be junk/spam. This is on top of what the ISP considers as spam. This would reduce the need for you to download junk in the first instance and therefore would also reduce the TB training effort.


Well, I don't use TB's spam filtering and I go a step further, although its pretty laborious. I filter by IP address.

Not knowing KMail, but Thunderbird has the option to delete at the ISP level and not even download the email.

On the spam email, I turn on All headers and look at the IP address. Then do a "whois" on the address. Then go to the most common subnet and start the filtering from there. Then setup the filter to delete from ISP - and - my mail box (in case something does not get deleted from the ISP)

For example: If the whois returns: 203.304.0.0 - 203.304.255.255 then I will filter on 203.304. Also, to make sure I don't filter the wrong thing, I add whatever is in front of the numbers, usually a "[" and the following period, so I'd filter on [203.304.

Before running the filter, I clear the Trash folder, so if I have filtered too much, I can always adjust the filter.

Also, I've gotten creative in my filtering, by using the character set, full and partial email address.

I have gotten rid of about 99% of the SPAM this way.

About the only filtering I have not been able to figure out, since I'm in the US, speaking English, is how to figure foreign languages. (Any thoughts on this would be very helpful)


Thanks for this, Duaine. I have taken a note of this and will examine a lot closer at a later time.


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