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Re: [opensuse] 12.1 and re-arranging icons in Quicklaunch
On 20/11/11 03:52, Sven Burmeister wrote:
Am Samstag, 19. November 2011, 15:50:58 schrieb Basil Chupin:
Following your instructions about moving the icons around I also decided
to move the Pager to the right of the Quicklaunch - but in so doing the
Volume and the Clock have now moved into the middle of the Taskbar and
will not return to their original positions :-( . Any suggestions as to
how to get the darn things to stick where they are moved, or is it a
matter of deleting the kde4 dir in /home and allow it to be recreated?
There are now at least two types of launchers, thus one has to be more precise
when it comes to the topic of "moving icons on the panel". If one adds an app
by right-clicking on it in the kmenu the created icon can be moved by
unlocking the panel. However, the task-bar, i.e. the bit which shows the
running applications, now features "integrated" launchers as well. Those are
part of the task-bar and thus always on its left. So if you move them you also
move the task-bar – which is what might have happened to you.

By default, i.e. if you start with no KDE config, the task-bar shows launchers
for whatever you set as your default file manger and default browser. You can
add more launchers by right-clicking a running app in the task-bar> advanced
show launcher if app is not running.

Thanks for this, Sven.

I have now (almost) got back to the default situation re the Taskbar except that I have lost the - as you call it above - "bit which shows the running applications".

Is there a way to bring this 'bit' back? Or is there a way to recreate the default Taskbar (so that I can stuff it up again :-) ) other than by creating a new user and then have me take over his identity or rei-installing the whole of 12.1?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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