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Re: [opensuse] OS 12.1: KDM first login always fails
Ken Schneider - openSUSE said the following on 11/18/2011 08:37 AM:
On 11/18/2011 07:04 AM, JC Francois pecked at the keyboard and wrote:

I just installed OS 12.1. everytime I boot into KDM and try to access my
account the login fails. I type my password, press enter and the
background of the login and password field turns light red for a few
seconds. The password is cleared, I enter my password again and I can
get in.

Anybody else seeing this?

Yes. Something with keyboard entry. If you closely watch as you type you
will see that the second letter is not accepted unless you wait a couple
of seconds first or type your password slowly.

Hmm. Sounds like another regression.
I recall that problem with one upgrade to KDM in 11.4.

It was one of those things that I just accommodated because I thought I
had fat-finger-problems and typed more slowly.

A lot of problems I'm never sure are bugs because I always wonder if its
me that's the real problem, my understanding, my actions ... and very
often it is, or must have been, because changing makes the problem go away.

Heck, using Linux made a lot of the problems I had with Windows go away!

People who love sausages, respect the law, and work with IT standards
shouldn't watch any of them being made. -- Peter Gutmann
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