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Re: [opensuse] 12.1...., nope!
Michael S. Dunsavage said the following on 11/16/2011 01:39 PM:
On 11/16/2011 11:43 AM, jdd wrote:

Sigh. Any Linux howto will assume you are an 'expert'

plain wrong.

depending of the subject, your skill have to follow. Some things can
be explained to dummies and are, other like setting up a ldap server
are not for dummies and don't to be explainded to them else than "get

I do like how you complete truncated the "along the lines that it will
be very hands on." from my comment. How many howtos or instructions tell
you to "click on properties and then apply and then MAGIC! it's setup".

No they tell you where to change a file and setting. A much more hands
on approach from the MS world where you clicky clicky options and go on
your merry way, maybe.

And what underlies *NIX are patterns.
Once you learn the patterns you can apply them over and over.
You can apply them in Suse, Redhat ... AIX ... Solaris.

Even, if you can find it, DG/UX (which, when I last used it, was *very*

It's not just that Windows is clicky-clicky and you have no idea what's
going on, its that the rote learning means its different for each
release ... How else do you think training companies that soaked you for
W/2000 server could soak you again for W/2003 and then W/2008?

You don't see - well I don't see - training companies saying what you
learnt about about openSuse 10.x being no use when you come to
administer 11.x or 12.x. OK, so maybe head-hunters and and HR people
might think "Oh, your experience is with Suse/Nell, you won't have a
clue how to use Redhat." Or substitute Solaris or AIX in there.
And yes I've had that nonsense from recruiters who didn't know any better.

The same applies for other kinds of long-lasting low-level pain. [...]
The body's response to being jabbed, pierced, and cut is to produce
endorphins. [...] So here's my programme for breaking that cycle of
dependency on Windows: get left arm tattooed with dragon motif, buy a
crate of Jamaican Hot! Pepper Sauce, get nipples pierced. With any
luck that will produce enough endorphins to make Windows completely
redundant, and I can then upgrade to Linux and get on with things.
-- Pieter Hintjens
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