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Re: [opensuse] 12.1...., nope!
Michael S. Dunsavage said the following on 11/16/2011 09:35 AM:



Any Linux howto will assume you are an 'expert'

For some suitable value of expertise ..

along the lines
that it will be very hands on.

There is that.
Tyro, why bother reading/asking/searching if you're not going to do

You keep throwing around that openSUSE
put easy in their policy. Maybe that should be changed if people are
getting the impression that you can install, go, and forget.

Well, people who have been brainwashed by Windows (or even *shock*
horror* OSX) get to be like that.

Its sort of like having driven a soft-cushioned American car all your
life, with power-everything, soft suspension, automatic suspension, six
cylinder five litre engine, cruise control, wide long straight roads
.... and then being landed with a 2CV in the streets of Paris[1]. Or a
Porche. Or perhaps that great competitor to the 2CV, the Renault 5 with
the 850cc engine and which could corner in its own length. All of a
sudden you are in control - and you have to be in control and know the
machine and how to make it perform.

[1] Or London or ...

Perhaps you
should pick up a Linux book in general, as we have recommended,

*MANY* TIMES* *!* *!* *!*

to get a
better hand on Linux in general.

I'll send you one of mine .... C.O.D.

< I'm starting to get the impression that
you're hiding by the word 'easy' in the policy because you don't want
to put the time and energy required into learning a new paradigm other
than Windows.


I fear that if you don't start to change your way of
thinking and get used to a more hands on way of thinking other than the
MS world where you double click and go, you will not stick with Linux at


The same applies for other kinds of long-lasting low-level pain. [...]
The body's response to being jabbed, pierced, and cut is to produce
endorphins. [...] So here's my programme for breaking that cycle of
dependency on Windows: get left arm tattooed with dragon motif, buy a
crate of Jamaican Hot! Pepper Sauce, get nipples pierced. With any
luck that will produce enough endorphins to make Windows completely
redundant, and I can then upgrade to Linux and get on with things.
-- Pieter Hintjens
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