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Re: [opensuse] 12.1...., nope!
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/16/2011 08:55 AM:
Sure. And apart from it I would google also but the problem with
"google" is that it depicts sites which directly tell you from the
apex side considering even the home users the 'experts' as if they are
admins of Suse, and it is what I hate.

Its clear you don't understand what google does and its clear you don't
understand how to use it.

Google indexes everything it can get at. If you mis-configure
google-desktop it will add the contents of your machine to its index.

There is no semantics.
If you google for "god" and some idiot proclaims he is god, the google
will index that that as it will index bible pages and other pages
claiming others are god and the pages saying those people are not god.

God of the universe or god of Linux or god of a single machine.
Its all the same to google.

It doesn't care. Its just an indexing engine.

You seem to be expecting google to do your thinking for you, somehow
read your mind for what you really, really want.

* Don't expect your first query to return what you want
* Don't expect what you want to be on the first hit or the first page
* Don't expect any single page to have the right answer, read many
* Don't expect too get answers without making effort
* Don't think that a user contributed entry in, for example, Wikipedia,
is 100% correct and authoritative.
* Don't be cynical either.

You are no more likely to get authoritative answers here than by using
google, not least of all since this list gets archived on the 'net and
indexed by google!

None of this is different from researching in a library, reading books
and published papers. I gather schools and universities don't teach
that any more, they expect you somehow have this know-how innately, all
evidence to the opposite!

More specifically:

* The issue about "should I go with the new x.1 release as soon as it
comes out" has occurred on this any many other lists many times.
Go google. Construct more than one query. Don't just look to Suse.
Refine your queries.

You could have commented that you searched the list archives and found
such-and-such a comment about the problems with 10.1, 11.1 and
wondered if there was going to be similar problems with 12.1.

Or you could have joined one of the other Suse lists concerned with
the development of 12.x and monitored the traffic there.

* By definition you *are* an "admin of Suse".
Live with it!

* Google first.
Show evidence you have put some effort in rather than using this
forum as a crutch.

* Take some initiative to find out.
That's one of the differences in attitude between Linux people and

"A witty saying proves nothing."
-- Voltaire
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