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Re: [opensuse] just want to confirm something
Greg Freemyer said the following on 11/15/2011 12:33 PM:
On Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 12:12 PM, Linux Tyro <opensuse.bkn1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I just wanted to confirm something I came to know from somewhere:

"openSUSE/SUSE is having less members in the team(s) developing it as
compared to the Fedora/Red-hat team."

Its only a line, I was just seeing it this is correct or not... I
don't know but want to know


I think you're missing the boat with this.

First SUSE and REDHAT both have paid staff that develop / maintain /
support / take end-user-calls for their respective commercial

I don't know which one is a bigger staff and as a openSUSE user I
really don't care.

More, much more than that!
Yes, there are the commercial and commercially supported offerings, but
they are really fed from the "open", and even so, the sources to those
commercial version of Linux are, unlike Microsoft Windows, open source
as well. The real issue is commercial support.

But while that exists, there are a couple of things very relevant.

First, there isn't a "Linux" company as there is behind Windows and OSX.
Its all contributions by people volunteering their time and effort.

These are not amateurs. For the most part they are professional
programmers employed as professional programmers at Big Name firms.
If you look at the contributions at you'll see that people at
Microsoft and IBM are among those who contribute the most.

When it comes down to useful little programs like Perl, Ruby, Python,
Tcl or even KDE, a different pattern arises (look to their histories).
We are still talking about professional programmers, but there are a lot
more individuals coming up with basic ideas or taking responsibility for
individual aspects or components. And not everyone has to be a
programmer; people doing testing, configuration management, repository
management, documentation, artwork and more all have important roles.

So no matter how many people work for RedHat or Suse/Novell/whoever the
real issue is 'the cast of thousands'. Just like the movies; the names
of the stars may be on the poster, but the credits at the end roll on
and on, and even so omit the people who work at PL&G,
Eastman-Kodak/Fujisu, the street sweepers and garbage collectors ... and
mothers and fathers ...

Nobody will ever win the Battle of the Sexes. There's just too much
fraternizing with the enemy.
-- Henry Kissinger
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