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Re: [opensuse] starting for encyption
Michael S. Dunsavage said the following on 11/11/2011 02:44 AM:
On 11/11/2011 1:00 AM, Linux Tyro wrote:
While openSUSE can be very good in all aspects
but for support I would rank Fedora and Ubuntu ahead of openSUSE.
Thanks for your suggestions. But I am D-O-N-E.

Well that's a shame. It's a shame that you can't seem to understand that
what we're saying is google and experiment and then we can help you with
stuff you're not quite understanding. But let me warn you you're wrong
about fedora.

Indeed. On a number of counts!

I've used about 30 versions of *NIX over the years and find this forum
the most supportive of any of the ones related to *NIX.

Yes there are a few application groups that come up to this standard of
conviviality and a few specific social support professional groups, but
on the whole technical groups are full of misfits.

I switched from Red Hat to Suse for many reasons, one of
the reasons was the way I was treated way back when I started with Linux
on the list. I found most Red Hat/Fedora lists to be full of arrogant
pompous people.

I run Redhat as well as other distributions.
(I'm actually typing this on a fedora-15 system).
I'd say that Redhat is

a) more bleeding edge in technology and therefore not as
well documented at that edge. It is however incredibly well
documented "behind the edge".

b) sort of arrogant in that it is most definitely a
"Wall Street" piece of business.

The technological edge has a number of emergent properties.
The first is that if you go there you need to be able to handle the
technology. RH adopted ext4 before anyone else; has adopted systemd and
grub2. I'm sure people here will tell you why that dripping in geekdom.

As for Ubuntu. Well maybe that is the way to go, but
don't criticize Unity. The owner of Ubuntu will rip into you.

In a discussion else where I recently said about this


It would appear Mr. Shuttleworth has an unsatisfactory user
Clearly he needs to fire it and get a new one.

I think he is doing just that; dropping the desktop community and
going for the cellphone/pad/tablet community.

... but I fear that the fact that
you want to be spoon fed any help will run you afoul in any distro.


is money in the world today and you just won't find any one willing or
able to sit down and explain to you in detail what's going on.

Personal contact is getting expensive; its why banks and many others
'automate'. Its not that the detail isn't there; it is -- out on the
net, provided by many 'HOW-TO" and magazine articles and the like. But
note; the magazine articles were paid for.

links have be provided to you to get a general understanding of what
Linux is and how it works. You apparently never took the time to
investigate these links.

Perhaps he did and found them beyond him.
Well it's clear that Linux is, for Tyro, "undiscovered country" where
people use a different language.

Heck, I had to work on a DEC-Cluster once, VAX/VMS and all. It was just
so NOT-UNIX that I had to slow right down, buy a book on VAX Internals
and plough though the manuals. It took me a month to get up to speed
and then I only survived because I installed 'Software Tools" and made
it all look as much like UNIX as I could. Even then I kept running into
VAX-isms that tripped me up and made me fall flat on my face.

Unless you put the effort into learning new 'language' and cultural
assumptions then you are going to flounder.

If you did that and came back for some more
explanations, you're questions would be accepted in a better manor and
you would get somewhere, but we just don't have time to walk you through
step by step on how to do things.

The reference to RMS's article on how to ask question was good.
Maybe we should have handed that to Tyro much earlier.

The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their
commitment excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.
--Vince Lombardi
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