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Re: [opensuse] wlan will not initialize
On 11/06/2011 07:31 AM, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* George Olson<grglsn765@xxxxxxxxx> [11-06-11 01:31]:
Unbelievable. Without any explanation, it started working again. I
shut it down and left it for an hour and then restarted it, and the
network came up and works fine now.

I wonder if it could possibly be a problem with internal heat? My
laptop seems to get a lot hotter than it used to.
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take the cover off the fan compartment and clean the compartment.

Heat is most likely your culprit...

Another method that works well is to turn you laptop off, unplug it and flip it over. You will generally find 1-2 fans behind plastic/metal grills on the bottom. What you need to do is shop-vac out the air flow passages in the laptop and you can do it without doing laptop brain surgery. However YOU MUST PEG THE FANS before you even think about putting the vacuum to the bottom of your laptop. (it prevents the 170 mph airflow produced by the vacuum suck from shredding the fans in your laptop)

(1) take a standard paper-clip and open it up until it is roughly in the shape of a C. Locate the fans on the bottom and put each end of the C through each fan grill so that it extends through the fan and will prevent it from spinning. (if you have 2 fans, peg them both) Then, and only then, take the shop vac, and while holding the paper-clip so it doesn't get sucked out, put the full power of the shop vac over the fan grill so you are pulling all the dust/lint out of the laptop cooling path. Repeat 3-4 times on each fan.

(2) now you will probably have several lumps of lint/dust (each roughly the size of a dead ferret) caught on the inside of the fan grill and your wondering "how in the heck am I ever going to get those things out?" There are two methods that work. (a) rub your thumb over the fan grill back and forth and it will grab the lint strands and work them back through the fan grill over the course of a minute or so, or (b) take a small gauge piece of wire (like the inside of a twisty-tie) and bend the last 1/8 inch back over on itself so you have made basically a tiny fishhook. (small enough so it can pass through a grill square and back out the same way) Then just dab it through and snag the fuzz and pull it out. If during either (a) or (b) the fuzz falls back into the laptop, repeat step (1).

By applying the vacuum and pulling the air 'backwards' through the cooling path, you will dramatically clean the cooling path of the laptop without having to disassemble it. This will generally eliminate all cooling problems with older laptops. Just don't forget to peg the fans or they will literally reach 'take-off' velocity when you hit them with the vacuum. Good luck.

Repeat every year or so or when symptoms return...

David C. Rankin, J.D.,P.E.
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