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Re: [opensuse] Post installation queries (FIRST successful installation of Linux)
Linux Tyro said the following on 11/05/2011 08:59 AM:
Yeah, that is correct, but when I added the user to do that particular
task only, then it should that thing only.

I'm sorry, that makes no sense to me.

*I* know how to set up an account so that on login it runs one program,
only one program, then exits and logs out, but I don't see anything in
this thread asking for that.

What do you really mean by "do that particular task only, then it should
that thing only".

Further, when switching to su, it still asks me the password, so how
do I again edit those files...

Yes. That's what should happen with those settings.

Having the ability to su without a password is HIGH RISK.
Its like running as root all the time and introduces all the security
problems were are trying to get away from with Windows (XP and earlier)

There are good reasons to make you stop and think about executing things
as root.

Especially at your level of experience and understanding.

Heck, even I don't set my self up for a high risk situation like that
and I've been doing this for decades!

The use of COBOL cripples the mind; its teaching should, therefore,be
regarded as a criminal offence.
-- E.W. Dijkstra
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