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[opensuse] Metasend
a couple of weeks ago I posted asking for some help with a spurious
email that I was receiving when I sent out emails to a group for which I
write a newsletter.

One of the members of the list was kind enough to respond off list and
send me a metasend script that he uses, recommending to use it instead
of my current method of mailing. Here is the script:

metasend -b -e 7bit -t $DEST \
-F $FROM \
-m "text/plain" -f $TEXTFILE \
-n \
-S 10000000 \
-m "application/pdf;name=\"${PDFFILE}\"" \
-f ${PDFFILE} \
sleep 5

I didn't exactly know how to use the script so I wrote back to seek some
clarification, and of course my attempt to figure it out was wrong. The
response I got was less than helpful, and I am still left in the dark as
to how to use the script. So I thought that it would be more profitable
to seek advice here on the list regarding how to use this list.

I think that in place of each of the capitalized parts of the script I
need to insert something, so here is my best guess and I hope that the
list members will correct me.

DEST - I think that I have to make up and insert a file into the script
with each of the email addresses of the mail list members, like

abernathycool@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Abernathy Cool

suzytalker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Suzy Talker

jonathantrakes@xxxxxxxxxxxx Jonathan Trakes

I don't think that I can point to the file from within the script, as if
the mail list file was stored on the computer in a different file. I
think that it has to be a part of the script.

SUBJECT - Just replace this with something like "Monthly Newsletter"

FROM - replace this with my email address

TEXTFILE - Not sure what this one is for, unless it is something to
appear in the body of the email, like: This is your monthly newsletter!

PDFFILE - Not sure what to do with this one, I think I have to insert
the whole pdf file of the newsletter here but am not sure how to do

Well, as you can probably tell from my questions, I haven't caught on to
this yet. So I hope that your answers will be simple and explanatory.


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