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Re: [opensuse] Re: c - Segmentation fault on 11.4 - need help figuring out (strtod?)

On Thu, 03 Nov 2011, David C. Rankin wrote:
On 11/03/2011 12:02 PM, David Haller wrote:
[calc package]
Someone, probably David C. R. here recently asked for that. Thus:

Thanks dnh, I don't know why
doesn't return it on a search for 'calc'.

Had you enabled to search in "home" repositories?

Damn I miss a working 'webpin'.


The indexing that is done now on the available packages just down
right 'suc..' (doesn't work well). I scrolled though 8 pages of junk
and still didn't get any useful information.

What bugs me more is that there's no way to specify "strict", or
"anchored" strings or whatchamaycallem. SQL patterns, regexes,
anything! Even a simple 'if in "", it's not a name-substring, only
match on ^{STRING}-*' would be a great step forward.

E.g. to search only for a package named "calc". It's especially bad
with stuff like basic libs like "gtk" or "qt" or whatever. Or packages
with names that are substrings of totally unrelated stuff. Like
anything with "ing". That'll flood results with the whole shebang of
"*-branding*" and a metric buttload of other "*ing*" packages...
Basically, in those cases the search is useless unless you're
exceptionally determined (to wade through even 40+ result pages or
whatever, one at a tedious time ...).

Oh, and the "only 10 results per page" bugs me too. I'd prefer 20, 30,
50, 100, all results per page, as that would enable me to use my
browsers text-search facility to find "my" package. But clicking
through >200 results at 10 per page is just masochistic. And sadistic
by whoever came up with that. IM_definitely_not_HO.

Ok, who's bugzilling it?

Superb Job!

Thanksalot :))

21:41 alchemy:~/suse/114/srpm>
21:41 alchemy:~/suse/114/srpm> rpmbuild --rebuild calc-
Installing calc-
warning: InstallSourcePackage at: psm.c:244: Header V3 DSA/SHA1
Signature, key ID ce4c0d2f: NOKEY
Executing(%prep): /bin/sh -e /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.Ah0Wz5
+ umask 022
+ cd /usr/src/packages/BUILD
Wrote: /usr/src/packages/RPMS/x86_64/calc-
Wrote: /usr/src/packages/RPMS/x86_64/calc-devel-

Ah, well, if I publish a package in my repo (not the :testing though),
you can expect a clean build, if not: bug me (via mail or bugzilla) ;)

In the over 10 years building rpms for my ex-Suse-6.2 (dubbed
"Hallerlix" in '05 or somewhen) I learned a lot of stuff and tricks
for a lot of packaging / build system problems and quirks[2]. Which
did not remain unnoticed ;) I had other "packaging policies" for my
box though[0][1] :)

Most of what's in my home:dnh repo is what I use daily here. "calc" is
one of the exceptions (I use bc by custom ;) But apart from the a bit
quirky "build-system" (read: quirky Makefiles, the dynamic/static
stuff etc.) calc itself built well and clean, so I'd continue
packaging it. Mail me if I miss an update.

@all: Oh, and, as this is my first "calc" package: mail me on
opensuse-packaging or via PM if anything crops up and, once you've
thoroughly tested it, if you want me to push "calc" to a devel-project
to push it to Factory, for whatever "next" release.


P.S: random sig! Need I be afraid of my sigmonster?

[0] the box and "Hallerlix" were retired as of, ah, this May 19 and
replaced by a new one with a 11.2->11.4 update. But I've already
got quite a few self-built packages already (only a couple in my

[1] e.g. I liked to package everything (lib, -devel, -doc and even
additional documentation) into a single rpm ;) And today, I still
like to package programs/lib-devel and documentation together. I
think there's a Gimp-RPM somewhere on one of my disks that
includes the GUM ;) And a WindowMaker RPM including the Manual and
the Userguide. Apropos WindowMaker: Yay! Windowmaker.{org,info} is
back online with the documentation. Finally :)))

[2] which is why I "hate" some of them. Ah. Most. Ah. All. But there's
one that, surprisingly, andagainst all odds, sucks much much less
than the others, at least from a packagers view. And that's
autotools/-make. Yes. It sucks! Massively! But I've yet to see
anything sucking less and esp. even remotely as packager friendly.
*me looks sharply at e.g. qmake, cmake, bjam, scons here* Hell,
"imake" is more packager friendly than those newfangled

Contrary to popular belief, Unix is user friendly.
It just happens to be very selective about who its friends are.
-- Kyle Hearn
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