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Re: [opensuse] Basic learning tutorials query
Brian K. White said the following on 11/02/2011 03:31 PM:
Have I made it confusing and baffling enough ? :)

You had it right when you said

However, the general principles you can apply to almost any unix-like

I recall reading a paper that, cynically perhaps, explained that Windows
admins learned by rote, from pictures of the GUI screens, whereas *NIX
admins learned the generic principles.

Perhaps it wasn't worded like that, but idea was that very often the
Windows admins had to re-learn when a new release came out that had
different GUI-looks or details, because there was only the GUI.

The point many of us make here is that Linux is about basic principles
and putting them together, knowing how things work.

Isaac Asimov wrote a short story called "Profession". In it an engineer
learnt how to use a certain fabrication machine, but lost an opportunity
for a job because it needed another. Sadly a lot of industry is either
like that or HR views things like that; the Certification Industry just
makes it worse!

But the reality is that those of here who have been using Linux for a
while can work quite happily with any version of Linux. We might have
our preferences (I prefer zypper to yum for example). Many of us
professionally involved with *NIX also deal with the Big Iron versions,
AIX, Solaris, HP/UX and some of us might even have encountered DG-UX.
Yes, there are vendor specific and hardware specific differences, but
they are easy to accommodate.

Do you speak more than one language? How do you keep them separate in
your head? Have you lived and driven/navigated in more than one city?
How do you keep the maps separate in your head? Can you drive in the
UK/Australia "On the Other Side of the road"? How do you keep such
abilities separate in your head? Sift or Automatic? Is the shift lever
on the floor or on the steering column?

Any of these are more complicated things that the differences between
versions of Linux, or for that matter between Linux and Solaris and AIX.

Yes, there are times when people come up with an idea and someone comes
up with a competing idea. Sadly the media makes an unnecessary big
issue of this so they have something to write about. Remember the GUI
wars between Motif (backed by IBM, DEC, HP, and SCO) and OPEN LOOK
(backed by Sun and AT&T)? But hey, KDE and Gnome have "themes" (read
"skins") to adopt the look and feel of either. (More than you get with
Windows, eh? ) So what the "War" about? Publicity and lack of
imagination when it comes down to it. Trapped in an "Either/Or" world
instead of doing "And".

So don't fret about the distributions, how they are packaged, what the
tools are.

"Just Do It!"

Man's mind once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes.
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