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Re: [opensuse] small installation help

Tyro says he's excited by such matters as 'a secure environment'.

That means security matters such as not letting runaways lock up the
machine and consume all the disk space.

This isn't throwing him in the deep end; we've given him a great deal of
material and references and encouraged experimentation.  We should be
positive about him progressing.

Adding /tmp at installation is a small step.

as a suggestion for the OP (and maybe he's stopped reading by now);
given his constraints (can't nuke the machine, can't afford to have it
down for all day, worried about losing partitioning, wants to learn,
etc, etc), I think it might be a good idea to go with virtualbox*
[ - from Sun (now Oracle) it's free for
personal use], this seems like it'd fit nicelyfor your needs, allowing
creation one or more virtual machines to play with. this will be a
bit expensive on disk space but a cheap external drive should make it
very easy to store all the isos, virtual disks, ad nauseam that you
could want. (well.. hopefully. you could go nuts, I suppose)

the virtual machine will be completely contained within the host OS
(windows, I'd think.. although you could do the same and make Linux
your host OS).

this seems like it'd be an excellent use of the hardware, you'd not be
able to break your existing parition(s)/installations and you could
learn, try all sorts of wild setups with a myriad of OS variants and
never have to burn a single CD/DVD.

it's just a suggestion, take it with as many grains of whatever as to
make you feel comfortable.

* - yes, there are other virtual machine implementations that could be
used instead of virtualbox, it's just a suggestion. vmware may or
may not be workable, I don't know how the license works for the free
(is there even a free version anymore?), xen, and probably others.

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