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Re: [opensuse] small installation help
Linux Tyro said the following on 10/30/2011 07:35 PM:
Okay, installer is smart enough to know all this things, and I would
go with the default options only, but I was trying to know somehow
what exactly was the purpose of having separate partitions and how
does it help....

Go google
Old but still sensible
Especially the 'why'.

Note, for example that having a seperate /tmp allows it to be mounted
noexec and nosetuid and also means you can't have hard links to /sbin

There is also a commment there which supports my view of LVM.
Once you have /boot and a basic "/" in place and devoted the rest of the
disk to LVM, creating the rest of the partitions (/tmp, /home, /usr,
/var) in LVM isn't any more complicated than if you created them as
extended paritions, but give you more flexibility and mangeabiluity.
So why not do it.

With a 250G drive you can bet that you won't be happy with the
partitioning scheme you start with. You are going to wonder why using
file systems with so little space take so much effort. Thinks like FSCK
are O(2) or better.

You are better with more but smaller file systems, and that is something
much easier with LVM. I illustrted this with my earlier posting of the
partitions I use for my own space under /home/anton:


I originally had /home/anton/Mail/ but moved that to the mail server and
now use IMAP :-)
Read the caveats under "Allocating disk Space".

"In security ... an effective answer is often simple but you are liable
to be burned at the stake for suggesting it."
A. Padgett Peterson, P.E., CISSP
February 24, 2001
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