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Re: [opensuse] small installation help
On 2011/10/30 11:36 (GMT-0400) Anton Aylward composed:

In my opinion, having a separate /boot is VERY important no matter what
you are doing.

The problem is actually convincing ordinary people about it, since Linux installers of recent years seem universally to think it unnecessary, and installation instructions tend to give it short shrift at best.

All my systems have at least one "boot" partition. However, that is _MY_ startup partition, which I don't permit OS installers mess with. As such, it's a home for Grub (which I install manually from a Knoppix boot), and where boot starts, but never mounted on /boot. On single HD systems it gets mounted as /disks/boot, on multis they get mounted as /disks/sda/boot, /disks/sdb/boot, ... /disks/sdX/boot. This way boot is never impossible unless I screw up and let something overwrite my generic PC MBR code. Even then, it's something easily fixed via DOS floppy boot and FDISK /MBR or equivalent. Mine don't need to be very large per se, because they don't need to house OS kernels and initrds, but without enough size, the space available for installation kernels and initrds can quickly disappear.
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