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Re: [opensuse] small installation help
Felix Miata said the following on 10/30/2011 10:54 AM:
Such an inexperienced user as you would do well to avoid micromanaging
partitions. The most such a person should consider would be separate /,
/home, swap & /boot, and probably not /boot either.

The main reason I'd have for disagreeing is something Tyro hasn't told
us (Or that I didn't note): the size of his disk.

If this is a smaller disk (<100M) then yes, don't leave room to experiment.

If this is larger (>250M) then its worth allocating a sizeable chunk to
LVM to play around. That's how I started.

Once I'd done the first install (/boot. /, /home/, /tmp, /usr + LVM) I
saw that I could move /usr/share/<stuff> to the LVM but by bit and mount
it. Eventually I shuffled and merged all the bits into a /usr/share on
LVM and along the way learnt a lot about LVM :-)

All it was low risk and except for the last step it was all reversible.

This was on the 80G drive dial boot system I mentioned earlier.

When as of /usr was on LVM I deleted the 'hard' partition that /usr had
occupied and added its space to the LVM. Next was /tmp.

Then I moved the spaces under my home directory to the LVM, Downloads,
Documents, Media.

Once again this was incremental (rsync is wonderful) ad reversible and
hence low risk. In effect I was backing up the 'hard' partitions into
the LVM and the making the 'backups' like by editing the fstab.

All LOW risk. All reversible.

In my opinion, having a separate /boot is VERY important no matter what
you are doing.
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