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Re: [opensuse] Re: [open OFF LIST suse] Can I ask something...?
On Saturday, October 29, 2011 04:12:53 PM lynn wrote:
I'm an inexperienced user by the standards on this list.

Not really, but if you think so :)

My main problem is
in how to ask a question. I think many others have that problem too.

Asking to get right answers is sometimes mix of black magic and luck, to guess
right wording that will bring up some articles that helps, but it is buried in
a pile of writings that are irrelevant for your problem.

Mostly it is just right wording where school and college acquired knowledge of
idiomatic terms and phrases are irreplaceable.

For me it can sometimes take reading article, or two, that is not closely
related to problem, only to find usable words.

I will remember my first LVM excursion, where at first all I knew was what LVM
stands for (Logical Volume Management). It was frustrating experience as I had
to read a bit to find words and phrases that led to actual results.

problem I find with Google is that it does not contain up to date

Accurate is to tell that it has all information, old and new in one pile, and
because of words used in a query your relevant info is on 29th page :)
The fact is that even if it is on 3rd, it is far from sight. No one today has
a time to read 30 pages of results to find right article.

An issue I had recently was connecting an ubuntu client to an
opensuse ldap server. This just isn't covered on google. I have no idea
how I could word a question to this list about that. This list is
excellent. It has saved me money and is teaching me how to ask questions.

That particular problem is hard because there is no many users with such
problem, ie. admin that has openSUSE server and Ubuntu clients. Most likely
question should be something like:
connect to openSUSE LDAP with third party clients
this gives me as a first hit:
Now, how usable is that for your problem is another pair of shoes, as you
questions are quite detailed, not really beginner type of questions :)

L x

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