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[opensuse] Question for the hard-disk management experts
Hi all. I'm messing around with my Dad's laptop computer - an Acer Extensta
5210 with an 80GB HDD, 1.5GB RAM and Windows 7 (yuk!).

Windows 7 runs like treacle on this thing for some reason, and he has another
(newer) Windows laptop anyway, so I'm installing oS 11.4 on it for him. The
thing is that I want to dump the Windows partition and the Acer recovery
partition to a portable drive so that I have a way back if he decides he wants
to go back to Windows (which I don't think he will - his desktop machine runs
oS 10.3 and he's been using that for ages, although only occassionally - it
runs a local IMAP server for him so he can get the same mail on both laptops).

Anyway, I've dumped the Windows partition (now 43GB) and the recovery
partition (10GB, near enough) with dd if=/dev/sda<1,2> of=<image_name> to a
terabyte USB drive, but my question is this. Should I backup the partition
table from the original drive as well, to ease the process of restoring it
back to its current state before I completely blow away these 2 partitions of
the HDD in the laptop? What is the correct way to do this, apart from pen and

Assuming I do back it up to the USB drive, what would the process be to
restore it?

Sorry for the long'ish explanation, but context is sometimes useful.


Rodney Baker VK5ZTV

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