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Re: [opensuse] My Kmail2 does not get email
On Thursday 27 Oct 2011 20:13:40 Constant Brouerius van
Nidek wrote:enthusiastic
This morning as i left my computer for work, kmail2 was
busy synchronizing email folder inbox.
At least after the whole day it is still synchronizing and
I cannot get my pop3 email. I have been able to sent four
emails to trash but nothing new comes in. If I look into
the inbox under .cur the four deleted emails have gone. In
the .new there are a whole list of emails of today.
What means this. Why are these emails not shown. Should I
delete something to get kmail working again?
Kmail I am using is a fully updated version 4.7.2

Which repo? Give rpm -q --changelog | head output from
akonadi-runtime, kdepimlibs4, and kdepim4-runtime please.

I've been patching from 4.7 branch like crazy for 12.1 so
"fully updated" is an ambiguous description of what you

Sorry Will,
I am technically not able to give you this kind of info before
hand :( I am just an enthousiastic zypper dup_er
Here is the requested information. I just show the October

Repro KDE4 version 4.7.2

rpm -q --changelog akonadi-runtime
* Wed Oct 19 2011 coolo@xxxxxxxx
- switch back to mysql default backend (bnc#718367)

* Fri Oct 07 2011 wstephenson@xxxxxxxx
- Update to 1.6.2
- Do not update item revision if only the RID or RREV changed.
- Fix usage of wrong ids for part filenames.
- Only set item dirty flag if the payload changed.
- Only drop content mimetype for unsubscribed collections in
LIST/LSUB.- 1.6.1 changes:
- Fix crash on agent launcher exit.
- Fix valgrind-ing agents running in the agent launcher.
- Fix restarting of agents in broken state.
- Fix pipe naming on multi-user Windows systems.
- Raise MySQL timeout.

rpm -q --changelog kdepimlibs4
* Mon Oct 17 2011 wstephenson@xxxxxxxx
- Add branch diff
- Fix assert when loading mimetypes with shared-mime-info
0.9.1 (bko#283615)

* Mon Oct 03 2011 coolo@xxxxxxxx
- do not package gpgme-pth, not needed

* Sun Oct 02 2011 dmueller@xxxxxxx
- update to 4.7.2
* see
for details
rpm -q --changelog kdepim4-runtime
* Wed Oct 19 2011 wstephenson@xxxxxxxx
- Add 4.7 branch diff
- Remove localfolderscollectionmigrator.diff, in branch diff

* Mon Oct 10 2011 javier@xxxxxxxxxxxx
- Add patch to avoid duplicate messages during migration from
kmail1 (bko #283467)

* Sun Oct 02 2011 dmueller@xxxxxxx
- update to 4.7.2
* see
for details

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