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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird-problem
On 10/25/2011 12:26 AM, Dennis Leyendecker wrote:
Am 24.10.2011 23:19, schrieb Wolfgang Rosenauer:
You can also have several identities per account in Thunderbird. And as
John wrote I'm not sure what you actually did but in general I don't see
a problem with what you trying to achieve.

Well, I tried to create another identity (edit -> account options -> more
identities or something like that) for my account. Now, I´ve got
two of them:

1.) kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx
2.) leyendecker@xxxxxxxxxxxx

Now I can choose from some adresses in the from: field when I´m writing a new
e-mail. If I choose kimleyendecker@h... everything works fine,
and the adress is shown in the e-mail. If I choose my o.o one, the sent e-mail
still shows my hotmail-adress in the from: field:

sent with first adress:

from: Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)

sent with second adress:

from Kim Leyendecker (kimleyendecker@xxxxxxxxxx)

desired result with second adress:

from: Kim Leyendecker (leyendecker@xxxxxxxxxxxx)


I have never understood the multiple identity per account option, and I don't
thing that is what
you want to do. I think its a hold over from days when people could only have
one account
from their ISP and had to share it between the user and spouse or family

With hotmail, yahoo, gmail accounts free there is no reason to do this anymore.

You have multiple accounts. Use them as separate accounts. Abandon the
concept of identities.

Thunderbird handles separate accounts quite nicely. It will show you a
"consolidated inbox" if you want, but its just an illusion to save you from
having to open up different email accounts to read all your inbound. Behind
the scenes
everything is kept separate.

When you send from your opensuse account it looks like its from opensuse
because it is.
When you send from hotmail is goes thru hotmail only. Return addresses, From
all are account specific.

Separate accounts.
Separate inboxes
separate pop/imap servers
separate outbound smtp servers.

Side Note:
I'm also mystified where this reference to Thunderbird 2 vs Thunderbird 3 is
coming from.
The current release of Thunderbird is 7.0.1 for the default update channel, or
8.0 for the beta channel.

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