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[opensuse] installing GRUB on adjusted clone
I have a dual boot laptop, with windows vista as originally installed, and openSUSE 11.4 running. I normally run openSUSE and only go back to vista for a particular thing here or there.

I had my vista running in 2 primary partitions, with the first partition being the vista boot partition, and the 2nd partition being a data partition. When I installed openSUSE, I first shrank the data partition. After shrinking the 2nd partition, for the rest of the disk I made an extended partition, like so:
sda1 - 39gb - windows c
sda2 - 92gb - windows d (data)
sda3 - extended partition
sda5 - 2gb - swap partition
sda6 - 20gb - root partition
sda7 - 20gb - not mounted - for later install of the next distribution and testing
sda8 - 292gb - home partition

After using this for some time, I decided I really don't need 92gb for my windows partition, and I would really like to take about 20gb of that and move it to the end of sda8. Of course, I don't know how to do that on an active partition, so instead I purchased another hard drive.

I have formatted my 2nd hard drive basically the same as the active hard drive, except that on the new drive my sdb2 is only 72gb and my sdb8 is 312gb. I used a windows cloning tool to copy my windows c and d drives to the new drive, and I used rsync to copy my root and home partitions over. I gave the root and home partitions in the new drive the labels rootb and homeb.

So, now I have the new drive set up and I want to put it in my laptop and run off of it instead of my old drive (which I will eventually use as a clone backup).

The challenge for me now is to setup grub and the new /etc/fstab file so that I can do just like I did before - have dual boot with windows and suseLINUX.

I am a bit confused, however, on what I need to do with the MBR. This drive was fresh out of the box, and the first thing I did with it was setup the partitions using kparted in yast. The next thing I did was use Casper in Windows (Vista) to clone the C and D drives. Then I mounted the rootb and homeb partitions in Suse and used rsync to copy my data over.

I have read through the Novell cool solutions on configuring dual boot by booting from the dvd in a rescue shell. It talks about making changes to the menu.lst file (which I can do) and the file, which I can also do. The last step says to run the command

grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/hda

which will install grub in /mnt/ (which is where the previous step has instructed you to mount the root directory of the drive you are installing it on).

The problem is, this procedure was written for having just installed Windows on a SUSE linux machine, which overwrites the MBR. In my case, I have never actually installed windows on this drive - I just cloned the data of the key partitions, and since I cloned partition to partition, I am pretty sure the cloning tool didn't do anything with the MBR.

So what should I do? should I go ahead and just run the grub-install command? Doesn't windows need to see something in the MBR that looks like its own code or something in order to work properly? or will that not matter when I install grub?

I appreciate any advice you all can give. Sorry for being so verbose.

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