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Re: [opensuse] cifs files always created as owner root
Lynn said the following on 10/15/2011 03:17 PM:
I'll have to run both Samba and NFS on the server. I'll start another thread
to ask for help with performance issues I have with this.

I do.
On an old Dell single core with 512M of memory which also runs my DNS,
DHCP and backup, and never seems to get a load factor over 1.5.

Stuffing packets down a network is not a big job; back in the late 90s
we had routers handing multiple T1s with filtering using the old '386
chips of that era; I ran an ISP with a rack of Telebit doing that;
better price performance than Ciscos back then!

In fact a 'headless server' can perform quite well; UNIX grew up on
processors a lot less capable than we have today (think of PDP-11s)
running text mode, doing things like text editing and formatting. A
PDP-11/45 + 4M memory with a couple of 10M drives could support a legal
department at Bell labs say 40 concurrent users.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.
Thomas A. Edison
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