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Re: [opensuse] installing optimized packages like Gentoo
On 02/10/11 14:37, Carlos Alberto Gueto Tettay wrote:
Hi everybody,

Gentoo linux is an special distro that can be automatically optimized and it
offers an extreme performance according to machine specifications.

There is no such magical thing, although some very specific programs
like multimedia libraries may run faster with -O3 (and the newer -Ofast)
other programs do in fact run slower or produce huge bloated binaries,
other optimizations are unsafe and produce broken code.

In case you want to help to make binaries faster, the road ahead is
awfully complicated, but Im gonna give you some hints on what to look
for to start

- There are many packages that for historical reasons or old bugs are
built with -fno-strict-aliasing, it is needed that someone looks into
them to see if such flag is really needed nowdays.

- There are other packages that are compiled with less than standard
optimization due to old bugs in the compiler, those need to be verified
as well.

- If you want faster application load times, there are a _lot_ of C and
C++ libraries that may be able to load faster if someone takes the time
to add "visibility" support to them see:

for C++ libraries, you might just pass -fvisibility-inlines-hidden to
the compiler and then test its functionality.

- If you have debugging skills, you can profile particular software in
order to find bottlenecks, this particular task is very hard and
sometimes require profound knowledge of the language being used as well
of the compiler/interpreter/OS. good luck :-D


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