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Re: [opensuse] data file transfer ext4 to ntfs
I have a series of data directories that I need to regularly transfer
back and forth between 2 computers. On computer 1, all the files are in
an ext4 partition. I have formatted a memory stick with ext4 format as
the means of transfer. I use rsync to copy the files and directories
from computer 1 to the stick. On computer 2 I have half the files in an
ext4 partition, and the other half of the files are in an NTFS partition
(by necessity). These files have to remain in the NTFS partition on
computer 2.

When I try and use rsync to copy the files from the stick to computer 2,
the files that are supposed to be copied to the NTFS partition fail with
the following error:

rsync: mkstemp "/windows/D/CLAware
Inbox/Tagalog/ThruTheBible/" failed: Operation not
permitted (1)
rsync: mkstemp "/windows/D/CLAware
Inbox/Tagalog/ThruTheBible/.TTBR2010708.mp3.VUNaHR" failed: Operation
not permitted (1)

I know that this probably has to do with the fact that NTFS doesn't
recognize owners and permissions, but I still need to be able to copy
these files along with all the others.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish the same rsync type
functionality in this situation without having to login as root? When i
run the script as root it copies the files without a problem.

Thanks to anyone that has any suggestions!


The simplest solution may be to just use sudo to run rsync.
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