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Re: [opensuse] web site bug 646418
On 2011/10/08 04:04 (GMT) Jim Henderson composed:

your subject line for this thread really didn't indicate that -
it implies that the content you found was no help, not that the hacked-up
CSS you've put in place to try to address a font size issue that affects
more than just the forums is causing some kind of display issue that
makes the page unreadable. You can't really hold anyone but yourself
responsible for CSS you developed to work around a problem causing a
problem with viewing the sites.

My OP was a two parter posted to two lists. The discussion of the illegibility should have been discussed on the opensuse-web list, where no one as yet has responded. The other part in the context of that list was to provide context for describing the problem.

Needing useful help on the printing problem should have been the sole point anyone discussed on the general opensuse list, where the discussion of the trouble with the forum page constituted no more than a reason for asking for a plan to solve the printing problem itself.

The first step in troubleshooting would be to remove your custom CSS and
see if the output can be reproduced without it. If it can't (which
appears to be the case), then blaming the forums for that particular
display output is going to be seen as disingenuous.

Of course it can't be reproduced without it. It only happens because it's impossible to get user CSS to work right when it has to fight against a 150k mountain of site CSS.

Which is not to say that the underlying issue (in the bug you reported)
is not an issue.

So your subject line here was at the minimum an inaccurate statement of
the problem and as such was somewhat misleading.

It would have been OK if the discussion had been kept topical by list, but it wasn't. As yet there's been no on-topic discussion, as discussion of the forum's CSS and its interaction with mine is not on topic here, and no one's suggested where I should look for a solution to the printing problem described in the OP of 11/10/05 23:09 -0400.
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