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Re: [opensuse] 120 DPI desktop
On 10/7/2011 3:41 PM, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2011/10/07 15:06 (GMT-0700) John Andersen composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

One example is 12pt text @ 96 DPI is 16 pixels, which becomes 20 pixels
instead @ 120 DP

Seems Counter intuitive.

See if is any help. Remember, higher
density (higher DPI) means more stuff crammed into the same space,
or the same amount of stuff crammed into a smaller space. Assuming the display
device's dot pitch isn't too big, higher also means higher
drawing accuracy, and thus higher quality, which with text means smaller
jaggies, if any, and less or no need for font smoothing.

That much makes sense.
But why then, would 12 point text at 16 pixels balloon to 20 pixels?
That doesn't square with "more stuff crammed into the same space or the same amount
of stuff crammed into smaller space".

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