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Re: [opensuse] help forum no help getting printer to print
Per Jessen wrote:
Felix Miata wrote:

On 2011/10/07 04:06 (GMT) Jim Henderson composed:

to reproduce it (and hence attempt to resolve
it with some knowledge of how you managed to get to see something
that apparently nobody else sees), it would be useful if we could get
some information about that configuration so it can be reproduced. contains
reproduction steps for aka

I don't know how to "open a 120 DPI desktop" ?

I believe you have to go to a shop and buy a new monitor that has that

FWIW, I've been skimming this thread and have finally reached a point
where I understand it, since the link to the bugzilla above does work
for me too. So here's my summary of how I perceive the thread for
anybody else skimming through.

Felix is complaining about the font size design on the forum website and
on other suse websites. He finds the fonts are too small to read and
also finds that the way the CSS has been implemented makes it difficult
for him to override it to get a legible result.

I agree with Felix both about the small font size problem and about the
poor CSS design. My eyes are none too good and I often have to enlarge
the text on websites, including these ones, in order to be able to read
them. Fortunately for me, I only have a 96 dpi monitor instead of a
high-res super-duper 120 dpi one, so the use of pixel (px) measurements
doesn't cause me as much grief in doing so.

But I don't think Felix is doing himself any favours in the way he has
set about trying to get attention for the problem. For whatever reason,
many of his comments have come across as unnecessarily antagonistic and
I think other people, especially Jim, have shown notable patience and
forbearance in dealing with the issue. I hope it will lead to a solution.

I'm just glad I don't use the vbulletin CSS in my work. It looks like a
rats nest.

Cheers, Dave
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