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Re: [opensuse] Good literature on UNIX fundamentals
On 10/03/2011 09:17 AM, Patrick Shanahan pecked at the keyboard and wrote:
* Haro de Grauw<me@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [10-03-11 08:02]:

Agree. However, many books and websites out there are either
hopelessly outdated, or specifically focused on niche situations
and/or other distributions, or just plain crap.

Does anyone have any good suggestions here? Any specific website or
book (I always prefer books!) that you found helpful in learning how
GNU/Linux/UNIX works?

RUTE user's guide (by Paul Sheer) is very good but somewhat dated.

search google or:

Also look under /usr/share/doc and there are docs that can be installed from the DVD. Any book on *nix administration is a good start to learn basics. Also check online (Amazon) for O'Reilly books.

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