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Re: [opensuse] where can I change $PATH
Am 02.10.2011 08:37, schrieb Brian K. White:

You don't want to remove any of the stock directories from PATH.
OK, I disregarded that OpenSuse stuffs more or less every binary in just a couple of bin-dirs so removing this bin wouldn't be exactly helpfull.

1st - search for a properly packaged newer version of the app at Install that rpm and it takes care of everything.
This is the issue.
AFAIK the most recent PostgreSQL server in the repositories is 9.0.4 and even this is in an additional repo and not the standard 11.4.
I had to install the binaries compiled by EnterpriseDB which don't come as rpm and aren't added to the package management. It seemed advisable to fetch the latest security patched version and don't wait till OS12.1 comes out.

That will affect all subsequent interactive logins, and nothing else, not cron jobs, not initrc scripts, not cgi's etc.
So I'll need to change my scripts that get run by cron to use full paths instead of letting bash search $PATH.
Thats a wee bit incovenient but so what.

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