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Re: [opensuse] installing optimized packages like Gentoo
Carlos Alberto Gueto Tettay said the following on 10/02/2011 01:37 PM:
Gentoo linux is an special distro that can be automatically optimized
and it offers an extreme performance according to machine

Optimized? For what? Your "optimal" may be my "perverse and unmanageable".

Automatically? So it can read the user's mind? Each and every user of the system and their differing needs, all with no interaction?

Extreme Performance? You mean better than Windows? HAHAHA!

Machine Specification? So it can read and possibly reset the BIOS settings?

It strikes me that someone with a bit of experience can read the manuals and documentation, set up the bios, choose the file system and disk layout (and possibly hardware parameters) and do all this and learn a lot along the way, most noticeably that

a) the optimization curve is pretty flat so long as you don't do
anything crippling or stupid, given any particular hardware
(e.g. a laptop is very much 'what you get' but some desktops
you can fiddle with hardware and some Big Iron you can do
lots of things with like add lots of memory, which you can't
on a laptop)

b) you can get into all sorts of petty arguments on the mailing lists
about how to optimize ... or not.

Unless your needs are extreme[1] (you work at CERN and need picosecond sampling and/or are performing FFT-like transformation on petabytes of information) I'm not sure this is worth the sweat.

For most of us, buying a newer, faster machine, disk, memory, faster memory, more memory, faster disk, more memory, ... will do a lot more.

To massively misquote Harry, do you have a lot of idle time on your hands, "punk"? Because if you work out the value of your time vs the cost of hardware, memory, disk, even a new CPU is cheap.

My great regret is that David Cheriton's "V System" was never developed.
That way I could spread one process, one application and its subroutines (read threads) massively parallel across all those old machines in my basement that go back decades. Heck, David even had it so that the device drivers didn't have to run on the same machine as the hardware! Given that, we could just add more boxes in a way that is difficult even with RAID and disk.

Now that would be an "automatically optimized" way of
offering "extreme performance according to machine specifications".

Dream on, Anton, Dream on!

[1] Or you are writing a thesis on it.
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but we never will
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