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Re: [opensuse] where can I change $PATH
* Anders Johansson <ajh@xxxxxxxx> [10-02-11 08:43]:

I think maybe you have misunderstood what $PATH is. You don't have binaries
that variable, you have directories which are to be searched for binaries. So
removing the old binary would mean removing the directory it is in, and then
you would lose every other binary in there.

The correct solution is the one you fould yourself, to add the new directory
where your new binary is, to $PATH, either first, or at least before the
directory where the old binary is

Or, quick/easy, simply add an alias to the user which calls the wanted app
by a different name or the same name and defines the *wanted* app.


alias [app-name]=/path/to/wanted-app

the aliased app will be called before bash accesses $PATH

When/if you decide which app is the more desirable, remove the unwanted
app and the alias (not really necessary but *cleaner*)..

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