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Re: fetchmail tip (was Re: [opensuse] Dovecot 2.0)
James Knott said the following on 09/23/2011 10:36 PM:
Anton Aylward wrote:
James Knott said the following on 09/23/2011 04:47 PM:

Do they all have to run their own instance of fetchmail?

Yes and no.
Yes they do and no its done via crontab.

The way I run it, fetchmail is enabled in system services and started
automagically in run levels 3& 5. It's set to run as a damon and
checks the mail every 120 seconds.

The issue with fetchmail that both of us face is this:

Who Maintains the fetchmailrc?

Our policy is that the sysadmin DOES NOT.

So there are two categories of users:

1 That only have this mailbox and so don't need
fetchmail. These are the unsophisticated ones
They don't know about fetchmail or what IMAP is.

2 That have mailboxes everywhere. We don't care if they
use fetchmail or if they get their MUAs to access those
other mailboxes directly. They are smart enough to configure
their own .fetchmailrc and crontab.

HOW they read mail, what GUI is up to them. It is a separate issue and nothing to do with which imap server we use. In fact when we changed from courier to IMAP no-one noticed :-)

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