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Re: [opensuse] OpenMovieEditor
On Thu, 22 Sep 2011 16:33:38 +0100
eddie <eddieleprince@xxxxxxx> wrote:

On Thursday 22 Sep 2011 14:42:45 zGreenfelder wrote:
On Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 9:25 AM, eddie <eddieleprince@xxxxxxx>
Has anyone heard of, used or know how to get a copy of
OpenMovieEditor? I have some mov files that I would like to edit
and I have problems with the video part of most of the other
programs. I would like to try openmovieeditor but cannot find an
opensuse version. Would appreciate any help.

a little google comes up with:

Open Movie Editor Packages for OpenSUSE are available through the
Packman Repositories.

When you activate the Packman repositories in the Package Tool of
OpenSUSE, you can easily install Open Movie Editor. The Open Movie
Editor Version in Packman is always quite up to date.

a little more googling or doc searching should get you to adding a
repository fairly easily.

or from the same link you could pull down the source and compile for
yourself, but that's not high on my recommendation list.

Thanks very much, but the packman repositories do not have any
files. At least, I've not been able to locate any and that is why I
emailed the list. I actually managed to get the source file but it
failed when running make with the following error message:

"In file included from CurveEditorBezier.cxx:8:0:
../../src/VideoViewGL.H:43:19: error: ‘int64_t’ has not been declared"

I would be grateful if someone had a solution to this error or knew
where I could obtained copy of an rpm version preferably opensuse
version. I have come across a mandriva version but I couldn't make
that work either.

Just out of curiosity, Eddie, are you aware that the latest demo video
on YouTube for OME is Dec. 2009 and that the original developer has
been on hiatus since about the same time? Also, the project hasn't yet
attained anything close to a 'ver. 1.0' status; meaning the developer
doesn't consider it to be a 'mature' or 'robust' package, yet.

For these reasons, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at
Cinelerra, which is also available at Packman. It is quite mature and
well maintained with lots of features. There are also plenty of
helpful and contemporary video tutorials available on YouTube. That's
what got me 'over the hump' and able to use it. ;-)

Once caveat: You'll probably need to to decompress / decode your source
video files to raw .dv format, first, so you can work on them in
'native' mode in Cinelerra.

Hint: If you also install Kino, it can open/import most popular video
file formats. Kino is a great (crash prone, save often) non-linear
digital video editor for basic projects. But it also automatically
creates raw video .dv files in the same directory as the source
while importing :-) The file it creates is 'native' to Cinelerra, so
it can save you a lot of time experimenting with transcoders. It doesn't
_always_ work, but it usually does.

hth & regards,

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