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Re: [opensuse] Thunderbird version
On 20/09/11 16:33, Bob Williams wrote:
On 20/09/11 16:27, Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Bob Williams<linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [09-20-11 11:06]:
I'm using 11.4 x86-64. It's strange that your 11.3 repos offer you
T-bird 6.0.2, whereas my 11.4 only offers 3.1.14. Which repo did you get
your 6.0.2 from? Do you know how to find that out? It's quite easy in
YaST, under the version tab.
Not strange at all. *Normally* there are only updates to a distrobution,
11.4 in your case, when there is a security problem found/corrected or
significant usability corrections.

Nearly every app in the regular 11.4 repos has a higher version available
in home: or factory repos. All you need to do is search at:
It *has* been this way for many years :^)....
Thanks, Patrick. Yes, I've woken up and added the Mozilla Build Service
repo, from which I've just installed version 6.0.2. However, when I open
Thunderbird, it still reports itself as being version 3.1.14. Maybe I
have to uninstall the old version first.


Well, I had to logout and login again. It seems that Thunderbird remains in memory after it has apparently been closed.

Thanks to you all for your help and advice. Now running T-bird 6.0.2


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