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Re: [DIAGNOSED] Re: [opensuse] Howto repair - corrupt jpeg file - anything new out there?
Le 19/09/2011 20:50, David C. Rankin a écrit :

I don't see how the command line copy operation could have not waited
for the buffer to write to disk before copying the next image from the
SD card??

no idea, I use Dolphin

Anybody see how the multi-copy of files from the SD card via the
script snippets above could have induced the corruption? To me, (at

I once lost a hole bunch of jpeg files by an not really understood backup script. Ended with original files *and* backup files of size zero. I suspected a link loop, but found the problem too late to fix it :-(

least as of now) the culprit still looks like a bad filesystem on the
SD card. The card was reformatted shortly after this corruption issue,
but given the corruption, I just went back to a digikam download
direct from the camera rather than a copy from the SD card itself. I
haven't had a problem since. Perhaps another test is in order.

do't think this will make any good. If the file system is bad, it's bad everywhere

computer are sometime like men... unreliable


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