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Re: [opensuse] Java script assistance (slightly OT)
On Monday 19 September 2011 09:17:02 Per Jessen wrote:
Peter Nikolic wrote:
Hi .

This is slightly OT but not too bad i hope .

I have a numbver of .js files that are strung out in one huge line of
text they are a real pain to do anything with and take an age to load
and edit

Is there a way other than sitting ther and manually sorting the of
doing it automatically ..

You could try something like this:

sed -e 's/{/\n{/' -e s'/}/}\n/' <filename

(not sure if you need to escape the curly brackets).

Hi Per

Thanks i will give it a whirl later see what happens on a copy of the file i
have seen the online systems but the darn file takes so long to load into an
editor or just do a less on that i cant C&P it across real pain .

I have had the same problem with html files from this old club site built by
website builder one huge long line of text terrible things.

Pete .

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